Product Testing

  • The system automatically charts your data in real time by attribute or property. 
  • Rechecks remain tied to the original result. 
  • Reporting is just a click away.

Document Library

  • Enjoy the ease of having your documents in a centralized repository. 
  • Easily find your documents needed for audits. Search for documents by category, type, author and more.
  • Route documents for review and approval.

Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

  • The Vault provides an automated system for managing your CAPA and Non-Conformance.
  • Track open and closed CAPAs at a glance. Don’t waste time running reports.
  • You can select who will author the root cause, preventative action or corrective action responses.

Employee Training

  • Streamline and automate the process of tracking and training your employees. You can be confident that you are in compliance.
  • The Vault provides an alert when training is within 60 days of the scheduled training date.

Process Monitoring/ Audits (CAPA)

  • Reduce your stress with easily accessible data for your GFSI audits
  • The Vault will save you time and stress with automated documents and process visibility.
  • Every field in the Vault is searchable. Find every document you need with confidence with a click.

Queries and Reporting

  • The Vault Queries and Reporting module will provide insights with a few clicks. 
  • The Drag and Drop feature  allows you to build queries and reports quickly.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel.


  • See the performance of your process come to life at a glance with the Vault pre-configured dashboard.
  •  Loaded with Compliance Graphs, Line Check Graphs, Pre-Op Inspection Graphs and more.
  • Know where you are compliant, which products perform well as well as opportunities for improvement.

Supplier Profile

  • The Vault offers a centralized repository for your suppliers where you can easily link to their products and materials.
  • Gain visibility and oversite of required documentation from your suppliers
  • Quickly trace producing locations as well as source countries.

Holding for Non-Conformance

  • The Vault automatically charts the top 10 reasons product is placed on hold.
  • Warns you against the inadvertent release of product on hold
  • At a glance view of open and closed holds.

Product Testing

  • The Vault automatically charts your data in real time by attribute or property. 
  • Rechecks remain tied to the original results
  • Reporting is just a click away.